Sales & Divestitures

Businesses are sold to a diverse buyer universe for a myriad of reasons including: diversification of shareholders’ net worth; retirement; generational issues; portfolio liquidation or reallocation; globalization; or the ability to increase success as part of a larger organization. The sale of a business is a time consuming, intense process that requires focused professional attention.

Raptor Partners works with private, public and private equity clients to confidentially navigate the business sale process. The firm works to capture and sustain deal momentum, while allowing the management teams to focus on maintaining business operations, which is integral to a transaction’s success.

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Business Sale Process

Raptor Partners plays a critical role throughout the many stages of a successful business sale process. The firm manages all aspects of a tailored transaction process, including Preparation, Marketing and Negotiating.

Preparation Marketing & Negotiating

In-Depth Buyer Relationships

Raptor Partners maintains an in-depth network of global strategic and private equity buyer relationships with whom its professionals have worked with on past transactions. In addition, the firm maintains significant capital markets relationships to provide valuable insight into acquisition finance and capital availability.

Utmost Confidentiality

Raptor Partners manages the business sale process with the utmost confidentiality due to the highly sensitive nature of these transactions to employees, suppliers, customers, competitors and important stakeholders. The firm’s extensive involvement and leadership with key managers and executives of the business helps to minimize the impact on their day-to-day activities while enhancing confidentiality.